How to use Braun Electric Shaver Perfectly?

How to use Braun electric shaver to get a clean and comfort shaving?

To get a close shave is always men’s choice. Earlier many men use manual shavers for a close shave which sometimes causes bleeding and many times cause itching.

Manual shavers are a big problem for sensitive skin persons. To relieve those issues Electric shavers (Braun electric Shavers) were invented.


Shaver’s at first wasn’t advanced and sometimes cause bleeding but now they are with protective coating have zero percent chances of bleeding.

To achieve a close shave without bleeding is always preferred. Manual razors help to achieve desired closeness, but sometimes they may cause bleeding.

Manual razors come in direct contact with facial skin helps to achieve zero closeness.

Although bleeding issues of shaving are resolved by shavers however, this is done at the expense of closeness.


However, Braun series 7 shavers give almost very close shave as that of razors.

These advanced shavers can do both tasks without compromising any one of them.

Although shavers till now are unable to deliver close shave as that of manual razors there are some tricks that one can follow to achieve close shave as that of a manual razor.

So if you want to achieve a close shave with shavers make sure that blades of the shaver are clean and lubricated.

Almost every shaver company recommends to renew shaver blades after 8 months, the time limit to change blades may vary with the usage of the shaver.

Braun recommends to change blades after every 18 months and the limit is longest in comparison with many other shavers.

Steps to shave with Braun


So the first step to achieving a close shave is to lubricate shaver if not, you may end in itching skin or fail to achieve a close shave.

The next step is to wash your face with water. If you have a thick beard it will help to soften beards which ultimately ends in close shave without itching.

Wash your face with warm water or keep a cloth of warm water over the face for several minutes.

Both the techniques will work in softening beards. Soften beards are easy to remove and without any extra pressure.

Now clean your face and apply alcohol-based pre-shave. It helps to remove oil from your skin and helps your beards to stand straight.

So these beards are easy to remove and can be captured quite easily without any extra pressure in only one run.

Also, a powdered version of alcohol can be used if your skin is irritant to alcohol.

Now with one hand pull tight your skin. It will help in achieving the closest possible shave with shavers and with the other hand use your shaver. Tight skin helps in the easy removal of beards.

Now after you have completed these steps next step is to clean your face aftershave.

Apply lotion to newly shaved face. The lotion helps in the removal of dryness caused by alcohol.

After shaving clean your shaver with and remove beards from its cleaner. Also, lubricate your shaver.

These are steps to be performed with low-quality shavers however, Braun series 7 shavers are the most advanced and shaving criteria with it may change widely because it offers a lot of self-operated features.

So the first step with it may be to direct start with shaving your face with the shaver, there is no need to operate other operations.

Why Braun series 7 electric shavers are better?


The Braun Series 7 electric shavers are equipped with the latest features.

First of all its active lift technology helps to raise flat-lying beards so you don’t need to apply the alcohol solution.

Its extraordinary sonic technology 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute help in cleaning beards more easily and accurately without any problem.

Braun electric shavers with the latest Opti foil technology helps to clean cheeks and neck areas without any problem.

The shaver cleans the neck area without leaving any whiskers behind. Braun electric shavers have three modes of personalization level for cleaning according to intensity of beards and sensitiveness of skin.

Braun Series 7 799cc, The best wet dry shaver


Although Braun series 7 electric shavers have special features yet Braun series 7 799cc has special features.

It is the only the best wet dry shaver offered by the series.

These waterproof wet dry shavers are capable of doing wet shave with any kind of gel or shaving cream.

Cleaning system, The most elite feature of Braun Electric Shavers


The most important feature of Braun shaver series 7 is clean and renew system which cleans your shaver just on one buttons command.

Clean and renew system cleans cleaner helps to remove beards in the cleaning section.

It ultimately extends the life of shaver blades to 18 months which is far greater than 8 months, ordinary life of the cleaner.

In other ways, Braun electric shavers keep on paying for them. The clean and cartridge system automatically lubricates shaver for optimal performance without any user’s interference.

The clean and cartridge system also scents the shaver. The alcohol-based solution of the clean and cartridge system provides 99.9% pure Braun series 7 electric shavers for every shave.

So in this article, I have explained how to shave with ordinary shaver and how Braun series 7 electric shavers make the difference in comparison with an ordinary shaver, also how Braun electric shavers pay for itself in long terms.

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