Are you someone who is looking to help make their shaving life a little less stressful?

Then you are in the right place. As anyone will know, shaving takes a lot of effort and no small amount of money. Buy a cheap shaver, and you can make those savings financially vanish as you need to try and cover up a slashed face or itchy, irritating and painful legs.

Regardless of when you shave, where you shave or what you shave with, though, some tips exist. These shaver safety tips are broken down below, with the hope that it will stop you from becoming so liberal with the lasting damage done by poor shaving technique.

Any of the below techniques can help to play a big role in making you feel much more comfortable going for the shave. It takes a lot of work, so what can be done?

Shaver Safety Tips: Getting Started

  • Start off by doing yourself a favor and prepping properly. Using any kind of shaver, you should first look to prep your skin. Use some warm water on the shaving area to hydrate skin and hairs, and then use a cleanser to clear one’ skin.
  • If you cannot find the time to prepare, don’t shave that day. If you are going to go to the effort of shaving, do it right. You are much more likely to wind up in a damaging situation if you try and shave without proper prep.
  • Rinse your skin with a hot towel before you go any further with the shave. If you are using an electric shaver, though, dab down your skin and facial hair to get rid of the wetness, just leaving it feeling nice, cool and moist.
  • If you find it hard to shave without the pain, then get into a steamy environment. This can help to make the debris of the skin underneath loosen up, making it easier to cut through the hair and thus making the shave more effective and likely to be enjoyable.

Shaver Safety Tips: Making it Work

  • If you are using a classic razor blade, then heat up the blade before you start. Use simple hot water to heat the blade up, and you can find that it glides along the skin, removing facial hair without having to go through any kind of discomforting digging or dragging.
  • If you are using an electric shaver, then follow the same pattern all the way around. Don’t keep changing angles and patterns; this can lead to an uneven shave. Always use a light source, too, so you can spot those little lighter hairs that stick out in the sunlight!
  • Avoid excessive pressure, whatever kind of shaver is being used. This is going to give you a great quality finish, and is sure to have a big effect on the end result. If you are pushing down too flat, then you are going to wear out your shaver but also make your skin feel rougher and look redder.
  • Always use a fresh blade or a clean shaver head. Using the same old stuff over and over means it will be a blunter finish each time, or that it’s more likely to become clogged up. Always freshen up each shaver when under use.

Shaver Safety Tips: Finishing Off

  • When you finish off, make a few ‘go-over’ passes along the face, working sharply to try and hit any and all spots that you might have missed along the way.
  • Avoid repeat strokes, though, as going over the same spots to excessive levels if likely to burn and irritate your skin, which naturally we want to avoid.
  • Take it slow – don’t rush, and if you find that time is against you then don’t shave. It’s better to not shave and look ‘scruffy’ than turn up with half a beard or half a face full of little missed hairs and areas. If you need to rush it, then hold off shaving for as long as you can.

Using all of the above, you should be way more likely to see a major response to the way that your skin looks and feels. The more time that you spend looking after your hair, the more likely it is that you can keep that hair coming back in at the right thickness and without being too irritating to shave.

Whether it’s on your legs, beard or anywhere else on your body, the above shaving tips should make it much easier to manage the whole process from start to finish.

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