When you go for a shave, there’s often a reason for it. From wanting to clean up a little to present yourself in public to get rid of those whiskers growing in on your cheeks, a shaver can have many different uses. The challenge with using a shaver, though, is knowing what kind of shaver to go for in the first place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the good and bad of each of the two common forms of razor – electric and ‘wet’ razors.

What Shaver to Choose: The Electric Shaver


  • One of the main benefits of using an electric shaver is that it’s very fast. You can get shaved and ready to move on to the next part of your grooming session in just a few minutes. It helps you to save 5 or so minutes afterward.
  • It also helps you to better maintain a length of beard. Not all guys want to get rid of all of their beards at once. This means that you can keep a nice slick and suave look without having to go that extra mile to take it all off.
  • Another major benefit of an electric razor is the simplicity. It’s a lot easier to shave this way without having to worry about winding up looking as if you just came back from a meeting with Sweeney Todd. Not for everyone, but definitely suitable for entry-level shavers.


  • That being said, the electric shaver costs a bit more to buy outright. If you are looking to invest in an electric shaver, you need to be prepared to shell out the money in the here and now. That can put some people off making a sad investment, to be honest.
  • Buying the right electric shaver is a lot harder than one may suspect, also. This is because a good electric shaver is hard to find; many expensive models aren’t quite up to standard. We have many recommendations on-site, but it’s always better to spend well on a proper model than buying the cheap and redundant lesser models.
  • For some, it’s lacking a little in subtlety and class. It’s seen as a very ‘modern’ way to look good; it’s like listening to The Beatles on streaming instead of through Vinyl. Sure, it works, and it’s still there, but it’s lacking that vintage sex appeal and style. Abstract? Yes. Important? Very!

What Shaver to Choose: The Wet Shaver


  • For many, a wet shave is a better choice if you want something super-close and without any kind of hair leftover. If you are going for a job interview or attending a major meet like a wedding, then a wet shave can feel much more authentic and leave you much closer to where you would expect to be in terms of visual appeal.
  • Going for this kind of shave with a classic razor means undergoing a wet shave that can have wonderful effects on skin exfoliation. It helps to remove a layer of dead skin, leaving you with a soft, smooth face underneath that looks and feels simply fantastic.
  • It’s classy, too; if you are a traditionalist or want to stick to the classic ‘gentleman’ style then the wet shave is the vintage that you’ll struggle to go without.


  • Of course, it takes a steady hand to get a normal shave done right. If you are not someone with strong, steady hands or you are inexperienced in shaving then you can look like you’ve had a pretty rough night indeed.
  • Also, they tend to have a major association with shaving rash – regardless of quality. It all comes down to technique, which takes time (and red face embarrassment) to eventually harness. If you are going to go for the classic ‘wet razor’ style, be prepared to spend plenty of time getting it right!
  • Lastly, they cost less to buy upfront but much more to maintain over the years. You can often spend a lot of money on a decent set of blades, and going for cheap blades will leave you likely to make a mess of your face. Make sure you invest well in good blades and be prepared to pay the excess if you go with this particular blend of shaving!

What Shaver to Choose: Making the Call

Of course, there is no right or wrong call. Both forms of shaver work well; it comes down to what you enjoy most and what your skin handles best. Make your decision based on that, nothing else.

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