If you are someone who is easily irritated at the time of shaving, your choice should be a razor specifically designed for sensitive skin. In this field, the best option you have in price and performance is the Philips Aqua Touch Philips Electric Shavers.

The main feature of this shaver is the use of hypoallergenic blades and heads with a rounded profile, to minimize friction with the skin and prevent irritation. Also, its Aquatec seal is designed so that you can use it with gel or shaving foam so that the smoothness of the shaving is maximum.


The heads also have mobility in 5 directions for a good adaptation to contours. The effective Multiprecision system, which lifts the hair before cutting it, and the adaptation to contours, facilitates the fact that very few passes are needed, which also contributes to the care of the skin.

A great shaver, which performs fantastically well with gel or shaving foam, and whose price makes it the best possible shaver for sensitive skin.

As you can imagine, this shaver is water-resistant, so you can not only rinse your blades with water, but it is also suitable to put in the shower. The design of the Philips Aqua touch is sealed, elegant, resistant, and very masculine, and is complemented by a battery light indicator and headlock, which can also be interchangeable with extra heads through the Smart Click system.

The battery offers an autonomy of 45 minutes, and it takes an hour to charge, although it has a fast charge mode of 5 minutes. Due to its characteristics as a specific shaver for wet shaving, it can only be used without cable.

For the current price of 130$, this shaver is the best option today for shaving sensitive skin. This model includes a Smart Click beard trimmer.

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