Finding the best electric shaver to suit all your needs isn’t always easy. You may have questions about quality, product specifications, manufacturer warranty, and many other facts that are relevant when making a buying decision. That’s where I come in!

Best Shaver Electric is dedicated to providing honest and relevant reviews of electric shavers, product specifications, and recommendations. I do the research so you don’t have too.

Do you Sell Electric Shavers?

 Best Shaver Electric is what is referred to as a review site; like “CNET” or “Gizmodo”, except I only shaving and grooming tools. I do not carry any stock of electric shavers. All of the electric shavers that you will find on the site are researched and reviewed but not sold directly through this site.

At the end of every review is a link to purchase that specific electric shaver. All electric shavers that I review are sourced through

Amazon offers a secure checkout as well as additional product information and relevant customer reviews.

I have always believed in being completely transparent in how I operate and will tell you that if you purchase an electric shaver through any link I provide on Best Shaver Electric I will be compensated through the Amazon affiliate program. This is much appreciated as I have put a lot of time and effort into the research and review process and operating a website is not cheap.

Are you an Expert on Electric Shavers?

I do not claim to be an authority on electric shavers. I am however very well versed at research and strive to provide you with honest and relevant information to make buying the best electric razor as easy as possible.

I have been shaving for the better part of my life and have tried numerous electric shavers as well as disposables. Also, I have suffered from razor burn and razor bumps for years which have led me to try a variety of electric shavers and brands of razors.

What about Electric Shaver Reviews from other Guys?

Are you familiar with a specific electric shaver? Help other guys find the best electric shaver and submit your own review! Do you have questions about a certain electric shaver that you don’t see on the site yet? Feel free to ask any question or request a specific review.

Best Shaver Electric is more than just a fly by night review site. It is a source for information for guys to share their own experiences, shaving tips, and other grooming information for men.

What are some things I need to consider before Buying an Electric Shaver?

Before purchasing an electric shaver, you need to be aware that there are two main types of electric shavers, rotary and foil.

Rotary electric shavers have two or three rotating heads that spin in a circle. They are flexible and designed so that they move with the contours of your face, regardless of what direction you are shaving in.